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Some explanations:

The five books of the Torah ("Genesis", "Exodus", "Leviticus", "Numbers", "Deuteronomy") were "butt" to build one (virtual) 304,805 characters .

Entering the "Word to search" is only done by using the clickable buttons (which avoids the usage of an Hebrew keyboard).

Then, choose any character from the virtual Book, from where this research will perform. Similarly, an end limit must be set.

Finally, "Interval" defines the gap between the desired characters in the virtual Book:
     Either the virtual Book container (for example) axyzaxayaza and the search word = xyz,
       For an interval = 1, the result will be xyzaxayaza,
       For an interval = 2, the result will be axyzaxayaz
       For an interval = 3, no result
    To test a single interval, just put the same value on "Starting interval" and "Interval arrival
    Otherwise, the engine will look for all the values between "Starting interval" and "Interval arrival